Hi there! I'm Grace.

I am a graduate student studying Design for Interactions at Carnegie Mellon University. I first got interested in the field of design through my undergraduate education in HCI. I'm fascinated by the idea of getting to know a group of people and creating solutions they can use to achieve their goals. Since then, I've been designing digital products at a few places and got my first job at GoDaddy. My design process is evidence-based, supporting decisions with user research, testing, and analytics insights. I enjoy understanding complex challenges and visualizing them in simple ways.

In my spare time, I'm always looking for new hobbies, like painting, bouldering, and snowboarding. One hobby that has stayed with me is knitting, and the process of knitting resembles how I design in many aspects. I take all the little pieces of information, see how they fit together, and arrange them neatly, just like I do with my knitting yarn. Sometimes I will mess up a few stitches, but I'm not afraid to unravel my yarn and restart. This iterative cycle of insight weaving and structured creativity shapes my work, allowing design solutions to emerge organically.


UX Designer    2020 — 2023

University of Washington IT 
Design Assistant    2019 — 2020

Wunderman Thompson
UX Design Intern    Summer 2019 


Carnegie Mellon University
M.S. Design for Interactions    2023 — 2025

University of Washington
B.S. Human-Centered Design & Engineering    2016 — 2020